6 things you can’t rush to do after a meal

6 things you can’t rush to do after a meal

6 things you can’t rush to do after a meal

Some people often do all kinds of activities in a hurry after eating, which causes a lot of diseases. What should be avoided after the meal?

  A large amount of residual acid in tea drinking can be combined with iron, zinc, etc. in the food to form a substance that is difficult to dissolve and cannot be absorbed, resulting in the iron in the food being lost for nothing.

There is no such drawback if tea is arranged one hour after a meal.

  After eating a fruit meal, a cat was regarded as a golden rule, but medical scientists raised objections.

It takes 1 to 2 hours for food to enter the stomach before it is slowly discharged into the small intestine.

Eat fruits immediately after a meal, and food will be blocked in the stomach, which can cause digestive disorders in the long term.

  Smoking after meals is 10 times more harmful than usual.

This is due to the increase in blood circulation in the digestive tract after eating, which causes a large amount of harmful components in smoke to be absorbed and damages the liver, brain and heart blood vessels.

  Driving has proved that driving immediately after a meal is prone to accidents.

This is because a person needs a large amount of blood to digest food after eating, which is likely to cause temporary degradation of the brain organs, leading to operational errors.

  As the saying goes, “I lie down after a meal, not half a catty or four or two”.

Going to bed immediately after a meal is easy to gain weight.

Medical scientists warn people to rest for at least 20 minutes before going to bed.

This should be true even if it is a nap.

  The “hundred steps” after a walk will affect the digestion and absorption of nutrients by the digestive tract due to increased exercise.

Especially in the elderly, cardiac dysfunction, vascular sclerosis and blood pressure reflex regulation dysfunction, blood pressure drop after meals and so on.