Flights to Hong Kong City。
Baker sits at the window,Brow,Looking at the simple spanning finger in the hand。
He keeps such a posture,Has been a long time。
But in his scorpion,It is greed from time to time.,Confuse,Annoyed and other looks。
obviously,He can’t see a special place。
In rumors,As long as you can refer to the court,Can break through the limits of the body,Be super master。
The king of God’s gods got to respect the ring,One of the nine big hegens,Later, the respected rings fall in the summer.,It has achieved a generation of killing names.。
They have received their respect,And obviously enlighten a silk hair,Only now Herkwei name。
But now I am in my hands.,Why can’t you see a touch??
Rate……Supreme ring is fake?
Baker’s face,Then I immediately canceled this idea.http://www.huioumen.cn
This world,People who have seen it too respecting the court are not much,But nor did not leave some information information。
Testing of God,Hell is also collected,Baker spends more information in detail,The above description is the same as this pin in front of you.。
Previous time before the warehouse,He is just scam summer。
It seems that you want to see the respected ring.,Not a good thing。
Think here,His twist looks to the ice sitting around Sichuan,Light rotation,I swept it one by one, Sichuan, Sichuan sitting at each location.,Night-fork,Incompetent。
Receipt,Slight down,The scorpion flashed a murder。
After half an hour,Airplane landing in Hong Kong,A person leaving the airport,Reward to the Central Pier。
All the way,Soon arrived at the destination。
Baker is clearly arranged,Arrive at the pier,There is already a cruise ship waiting early.。
Everyone boarded the boat,Cruise ship leave the pier。
Until this time,Baker is tone,Enter a room,Study again to respect again。
Just the next morning, the morning,He still has no hair,There is no smile。
Baker is sorry,Temporary abandonment research,Decided to do a matter。
Extremely falling in his hand,Naturally, it will not go to hell,Night cross four people……Must die!
certainly,Take the power of him,It is definitely impossible to kill them all in a quiet voice.。
But he is ready to prepare。
No person alarm,He leaves the bedroom,Walk through the corridor,Come http://www.dreamhorsetoys.cnto the restaurant。