Chinese women’s volleyball team’s victory is still a hidden worry

China’s women’s volleyball team still has worries about winning the championship
The Chinese women’s volleyball team went all the way to the knockout. After going deeper in the game, the audience at the scene was also accumulating.The Tianjin Gymnasium’s two semi-finals last weekend were basically full.Obviously, the audience expects the Chinese team to win the Asian Championship at the door.However, there are still hidden worries in the Chinese women’s volleyball team. The captain Hui Ruoqi and the free man Shan Danna are still unclear. It is still unknown whether they will be able to appear in the next game.  Although the Chinese team used Zhang Changning to replace Hui Ruoruoqi in these games, Zhang Changning, who attacked and defended weakly, still had a certain gap between Hui Ruoqi’s pass and defense. The cruel knockout game required the Chinese team toThe defensive end is more stable. If Xiaohui continues to be unable to enter the field, then if there are problems on the defensive end, the Chinese team will be surrounded by breakthroughs.Let’s talk about the free man, Lin Li’s performance in these games is really good, but referring to Shan Danna, she is the experience of the competition. Once the tug of war is reversed, it is still unknown whether the young Lin Li can maintain a stable mentality.On the whole, with the analysis of the current comprehensive strength of the Chinese team, reaching the final should not be a problem, but to win the championship, the defensive end is a big worry.  In any case, it is ultimately not to be missed.According to the relevant person in charge of ticket sales of the promotion company Sports Window, the final ticket has been sold by 60%.Many fans who have purchased tickets for the finals said they are more optimistic about the match between China and South Korea.In order to let the majority of fans enjoy the volleyball carnival, two value-for-money events are now launched.First, the fare for the three games (including the Chinese team) in the afternoon on the 26th is 30 yuan and 50 yuan.Second, the semifinals on the 27th, three games in the afternoon (including the Chinese team), the fare is also from 30 yuan.For the 26th and 27th night games without the Chinese team, the organizing committee of the competition launched a special policy. Fans can purchase tickets to get medals and customize small volleyball in the Asian Championships.