Dabai: I can’t run fast, but I can comfort you

Dabai: I can’t run fast, but I can comfort you | 夜 问
Answer: The A / B / C / D movie “Super Marines” was produced by Disney Pictures and was adapted from Marvel Comics. It was awarded the 87th Academy Award for Best Animated Film and was released in Mainland China on February 28, 2015.Dabai is an intelligent robot (private health consultant) in the movie “Super Marine”. It was developed by the protagonist Xiaohong’s brother. His body is fat and full of gas.It likes to help human beings, no matter what the master makes Dabai do, as long as the master can be happy, he will do it, but there is only one thing that cannot be violated-it can’t hurt humans.It can be said that the cuteness of the whole movie is in the big, chubby big white corpse.He has a docile personality and loves the kittens at home, even if the other person’s claws may puncture it; it’s okay, the tape will not leak if you put it on.He also likes butterflies, and may be envious of their ability to fly.I like to hug so much, and the lens of holding Xiaohong in my arms cured the audience.In addition, its body setting also brings humor to everyone. The round body sometimes becomes overcome in their adventures. When entering some constricted places, Dabai had to let his breath out and go in again.Inflatable.Xiaohong called it “fast running”, and Dabai replied, “I can’t run fast.” The clumsiness stuck on the window and the lack of power make the warm man closer to the audience.