Zhu Ran looked at Tang Ming,I don’t want to say something to this side.。 Zhu Ran looked at Tang Ming,I don’t want to say something to this side.。

However,Zhu Ran’s words,Just arrived at the mouth,Even the roots have not come and say exports。
at this time,The blade in Tang Jigong,I have already pierced his body。
Freshly squatting,Let Zhu Ran look at the whole person,It seems to be more wolf。
Zhu Ran stretched his hand to the Tang Nian in front of him.,Zhang Zhangzhu,I don’t want to say something to this side.。
But finally,There is no way to go through this time.,Finally, I will fall.。
For now,This is still coming to let everyone can’t touch it.。
“Humph,Now,This guy is also solved.,you,Also continue??”
Tang Jian see these people in front of him,Very reflected。
but,These Zhujia guards in front of you each time,Look at Zhuran。
Especially in them look,Such a thing,anyway,Start now,Still have this necessary,Need to completely solve it,This is the key。
“Humph,Don’t say so much nonsense.,What can be resistant?,Let’s see the true chapter.。”
“Yes,You kill us boss,I also hope that we will surrender,It’s just in love here.。”
“all in all,Since you have already set this idea, you have to do this.,So, no matter what,Still even!”
This,With these Zhujia’s guards,You have said that I am talking here.。
The more now,For these things,What kind of way is it going to use?。
In fact, these things look,Absolutely not that simple things。
And it is here,At this moment,Tang Nian in front of me,It is very direct。
“Since you are so obsessed,So let’s solve it together.!”
Anyway, Tang Nian’s purpose,Is to solve these people of Zhu’s family。
It looks now,His purpose,Also reached。
but,Zhu family is not here,If you really want to handle this,Still trying more step by step。
Another side,At this time, the Anguang see Shen Xuan,It is very angry。
“Zhu’s person,It is simply deceived too much.,Actually let us surrender。”
“all in all,We,Whether it is surrendered。”
As Agua’s words,The soldiers of those war halls,When I saw this scene,I haven’t forgotten here.。
“That’s right,This is purely joking with us.,Let’s everyone,Do you still need to surrender them??”
“But then said it back.,They now set up ideas to do this.,So let’s everyone,Can never fell softly!”
“Yes,that’s right,So next,Let’s everyone,It should be out of them.。”
With the warriors around those War Temple,,Shenxuan at this time,It is very light。
Just this level,Is it complete enough??
If it is now like this,For Shen Xuan,Insight, I feel very good.。
“This is of course,Zhu Jia,Already a strong end,I really think,How long can they support here??”