Naruto looked at Sakura whose neck was held by the blackened chakra sword in front of him,At the same time, he glanced at Sasuke lying on the ground and said。
“of course can,but.How about your life in exchange?”
Heihua Shunhuo looked at Naruto in front of him and said jokingly,However, none of the people present felt that the Blackening Instant Fire was a joke。
Naruto clenched his fists and stared at the blackened instant fire。
Not only didn’t help,It becomes a burden,Even hurt Sasuke and Naruto,Sakura lowered her forehead,Full of guilt。
“Naruto,Do not bother me.”
Sakura finally chose to commit suicide,The weak body lay beside Sasuke,Kozakura looked sideways at Sasuke lying next to her
When Sakura reacts,,The surrounding environment has changed。
Ice Crystal Palace。
“Is this the world after death??”
Sakura sat on the Ice Crystal Throne and muttered to herself, looking around。
“This is not the world after death,But the ice palace,but,This is indeed the place where you died,The Queen。”
Five elves full of dark energy stand in front of Sakura。
“Who are you?!”
Looking at the five elves in front of you,Sakura feels uncomfortable instinctively。