Xia Jian said in a low voice to He Yonggui:“You can go back to sleep now,If someone asks where Li Dongmei went,You said she went to see her son,It will take several days to come back“

“Ok!I understand“He Yonggui said happily。He is smart,May have guessed the result。 Xia Jian said to Secretary Wang:“The three of us have to go back“Secretary Wang looked puzzled,But nodded。 Three people on Xia Jian’s Yamaha are


Men did not see him,Big step,Looking at the summer behind Victoria,The eyelids are not red,“Miss……”“You……You are Tiankui?” “Be,I am me。 Miss,You finally……”Not finished,It was interrupted by Victoria.。 She is close to the summer.,“Since you

A wrinkle。

“Weak is sin,Do you think so before?,And your goal will also be implemented,A little sacrifice is also possible” “Hahaha,It turned out that I have failed before.,No wonder, Springs will not agree with me.,spot,You will pay