Mallos heard the tightness of his fist,Reddish red,Close to the http://www.jogjog.cn eyes,If the flower government is bombed, it has already bombed the words.,Why wait until now?Obviously Shangguan Yue’s practice has not touched the bottom line of the flower flag。

In an instant Mallos, hate! “what!”Mallos,Double eyes more scarlet。 This scene is falling in Liu Sheng,Golden God,Sitingde et al.,A few people are excited,It seems that this Mall is more complained than they imagined.,indeed,Mallo came to

I can’t afford myself.。

“good。” Xia Xue noddard,Watching meaning,“If I am your words,Will seize this opportunity,This world,There are too many examples of bother.,This child is born,Will make many people like,Will make many people pity,Including me。” Miao Yi nodded。 She

“you are welcome。”Deng Xin’er is also completely unceremonious,Took the water directly,Deng Xiner’s purpose,For Su Jingchen’s people,Or anyone related to Su Jingchen,You can’t be polite。

“Ai Yang,Understand,State it again。”Su Jingchen said。 “Good president,What Miss Deng said is,Because of Miss Tong,Miss Deng got fired,and so……”The words behind,Don’t need Aiyang to say,Su Jingchen knows what it means。 “Ai Yang,Tell the personnel department,Add


Naruto looked at Sakura whose neck was held by the blackened chakra sword in front of him,At the same time, he glanced at Sasuke lying on the ground and said。 “of course can,but.How about your