“Zhong Shao?

Such a coincidence? You are here too? Then this matter will be easy,I come this time,Should have taken someone back from the patriarch。” Catch someone back? what’s the situation? “Catch someone?” In the scene,Except for

“I just performed a TV series by Mr. Chu Liuxiang,I hope my acting skills and efforts can be recognized by Mr. Chu Liuxiang,So as to get a chance in his movie!congratulate《Gift in Room 7》,You guys are the best!”——Winner Wen Qi。

“……” Not just them,day.Han’s media also cheered up this time。 Because of the two nominations for best supporting actor,It happens to be two of their country。 Jiang Shiyu。 Masato Naito。 These two went to the

“Has surpassed Chai Xu!”

“Huanye cowhide!!” “Shen Huan, come on!Strive to break track records!” When Shen Huan’s car passed by from the viewing platform,Many people shouted loudly,Cheer for Shen Huan。 Actually, Shen Huan must not hear,They just vent their

Although Yongxing Supermarket is in Lin’an,But it has been very popular all over the country in the past six months,Has always occupied the number one topic in the supermarket industry。

Countless entrepreneurs、boss、Meager big coffee,Are admiring and admiring the Yongxing supermarket model。 Under high praise,Or Yongxing Supermarket has continued5Yue Xiong dominates the crazy record of the top five sales of single stores in the national supermarket