Do not know why,Peng Changyi’s head is blank,A little hoody,The ears are also buzzing。His breathing is fast,Rebroadcast that number again。Chen Jing took out again and took a look,Still no answer,But put it directly into the pocket。

Peng Changyi’s hand dropped weakly,The phone fell on the seat next to him。Whether he wants it or not,He must accept a reality,That is that Chen Jing may start anew。 After Peng Changyi made this judgment

Liu Xiaoyun casually asked。

“Let’s go romantic。” Qin Liang started his prank…… “What?Why are we going?” Liu Xiaoyun thought she heard it wrong!Turned his face in surprise,Asked again。 “Oh,A rare opportunity today!There are guests at home,So,We two take advantage

“The prince doesn’t get along with people in Suori,The second son of Master Li suddenly visited that day,I don’t know what I said to the prince,Not long,The eldest prince happily followed the second son Li out。I didn’t return to Xiaowu Palace until the next day!”

The next three days,Li Zichen stayed in Xiaowu Palace。The waiters only saw that Li Zichen asked to send a big red box,But don’t know,What’s in this box。 The door of the sleeping hall is tightly

Although my business went bankrupt,Fall in the family,But i think,I am not ashamed of Li Xiaolu and her family,People like Lai Yumin who have been in,She can carry on under her crotch,How dirty is this。

The more I think about it,At this moment,A mobile phone vibrates,Eye-catching two words,Make my eyes hurt。 After a little hesitation,I got the call,Li Xiaolu’s soft and sweet voice sounded over there。 “Husband,Why haven’t you come