The horrible collision sound is constantly fried in the void,Heterogeneous gas,The trees in this forest are so dead,Whether it is a Gan Rak’s gun method or Lin Feng knife, it is poisonous gas.。

This kind of poisoning horror http://www.fengxianqulvshi.cn is incomparable。 Fierce confrontation continues。 Lin Feng’s speed is more fast,The war is getting more and more expensive,Gan Ruos is defeated by the season,He has the idea to escape.,The

Malone’s average data and performance have also obviously improved,Average assists per game reached a career high4.5Times,The scoring average is also ranked fourth in the league,27.8Minute。Plus the team’s record far exceeds their paper lineup,Such leadership performance,Let Malone have to fightMVPCapital!

The most promising win of the seasonMVPplayer of——Michael Jordan,Grant hill,Hakim Olajuwon,Shaq O’Neill,Karl Malone Five。 Why did Kobe not appear on this list?Because most of the Lakers’ games, Kobe is just a second-hand,The time for a

“But we have to bet on fairness,Wan Dashao,Li Dashao,Since you won,You can sleep Jinqi’s girlfriend,If you lose,Can Jinqi sleep with your girlfriends too??”Mo Xiaosheng said with a smile。

“This……” Wan Xiaofeng and Li Qianhao suddenly hesitated,When I thought that my girlfriend would let others sleep,I feel a little uncomfortable。 “of course can,You two hesitate,He can’t drink us anyway。”Zhang Yitang gave them an angry

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