“Has surpassed Chai Xu!”

“Huanye cowhide!!” “Shen Huan, come on!Strive to break track records!” When Shen Huan’s car passed by from the viewing platform,Many people shouted loudly,Cheer for Shen Huan。 Actually, Shen Huan must not hear,They just vent their

My parents are honest workers,I am afraid that the heart may not be able to withstand sudden wealth,I can only let them accept little by little,So Zhenzhong reminded:“Cousin,We signed a confidentiality agreement,Be careful you leaked the secret,Your funds are confiscated。”

Snobbiness is not necessarily good in many situations,But it’s really good here,I heard that the funds they invested might be confiscated,Immediately make a mouth-slit action,Say never talk nonsense。 We separated happily,Cousin cousin-in-law returned to Pengshi,Wang