“Ten million。”

As Li speaks from the style of 10 million,The whole village is shocked.,And Liu Sihai’s eyes are no longer so easy before.,Instead, if the eagle is generally staring in Li Hui,It seems that I


Naruto looked at Sakura whose neck was held by the blackened chakra sword in front of him,At the same time, he glanced at Sasuke lying on the ground and said。 “of course can,but.How about your


The two-hour movie ends。 When the lights are bright,The audience stood up together,Applaud,While shouting the names of the characters in the movie。 “Fang Shu!” “Fang Shu!” “Qiu Lingxin!” “……” Regrettably,Ye Mao’s name,But no one shouted。

damn thing!

Ye Tianzong’s eyes suddenly became cold。 In his state of mind,I didn’t have to worry about this kind of person。 but,Today he brought his father-in-law to buy a car,Is going to give a surprise,It will