“Has surpassed Chai Xu!”

“Huanye cowhide!!” “Shen Huan, come on!Strive to break track records!” When Shen Huan’s car passed by from the viewing platform,Many people shouted loudly,Cheer for Shen Huan。 Actually, Shen Huan must not hear,They just vent their

Although Yongxing Supermarket is in Lin’an,But it has been very popular all over the country in the past six months,Has always occupied the number one topic in the supermarket industry。

Countless entrepreneurs、boss、Meager big coffee,Are admiring and admiring the Yongxing supermarket model。 Under high praise,Or Yongxing Supermarket has continued5Yue Xiong dominates the crazy record of the top five sales of single stores in the national supermarket

“Oh,Hello there,Minister Lu,I’m from the Commission for Discipline Inspection,I want to talk to you about something,Please come with me。”The red tie man said with a smile。

“discipline……Commission for Discipline Inspection?” Lu Xiaojin trembled,His complexion changed instantly,Hurriedly:“You find me there……What’s the matter?I……I don’t seem to have made any mistakes?” He was flustered and confused,Don’t understand,Why did the disciplinary committee look for him?,Why

“But we have to bet on fairness,Wan Dashao,Li Dashao,Since you won,You can sleep Jinqi’s girlfriend,If you lose,Can Jinqi sleep with your girlfriends too??”Mo Xiaosheng said with a smile。

“This……” Wan Xiaofeng and Li Qianhao suddenly hesitated,When I thought that my girlfriend would let others sleep,I feel a little uncomfortable。 “of course can,You two hesitate,He can’t drink us anyway。”Zhang Yitang gave them an angry