He lowered his head,I feel my sniffles are blowing on her face,Just when my lips are about to touch her,He still didn’t dare to proceed,Slowly raise his head again,Head up,Took a long breath,The woman who released her arms。

Ye Tong is not angry this time,She opened her eyes,Whispered:“what happened?” Peng Changyi opened his eyes,He dare not look at Jiao。Woman with flowers,But closed eyes,Said:“Sorry。” Ye Tong said:“You have a mental disorder?” “Can it??”Peng Changyi

damn thing!

Ye Tianzong’s eyes suddenly became cold。 In his state of mind,I didn’t have to worry about this kind of person。 but,Today he brought his father-in-law to buy a car,Is going to give a surprise,It will